Grains & WIYF on Wukang Road

Grains cafe on Wukang Lu in the French Concession. This place from Franck Pecol is uber cool, the interior design is hipster chic at its best. Oh and the coffee is good too. Its joined to WIYF craft ice cream bar. What is your Flavor (WIYF) craft ice cream bar on Wukang Lu. This place…

Hui by Eran Hui

I’m obsessed with spikes this season. I have been hunting obsessively for a pair of black leather, spiked converse (no luck so far). So when I saw this amazing jacket in the window of Hui by Eran Hui in Xintiandi, I immediately fell in love. My picture does not do it justice, but it is…

Gentle Monster

Korean based sunglasses brand has opened a flagship store in Shanghai on Huaihai Middle Road. This is a major high concept store with incredible light fixtures and a heavy industrial style. A really fascinating take on high end retail. Definitely worth a visit.

Daga Brew Pub

Fantastic brew pub on West Fuxing Road. Great atmosphere, lots of seating and standing space. A large quantity of imported and domestic craft beers as well as other drinks, pizzas and bar snacks available. They play a varied mix of music and I believe there’s a screen that shows sports upstairs if you’re into that…

It’s just like France

We live in the French Concession area of Shanghai. Its nice. really nice. My brother calls it the posh end of town. There are large, leafy tree-lined streets dotted with cafes, micro brewery pubs, restaurants, art galleries and boutiques. There are places to eat brunch, sip coffee, juices or cold imported and domestic craft beer….

Coffee at Cafix

Cafix is a gorgeous, stylish cafe / furniture showroom on Changle Road, Xuhui district, heavy on the vintage chic. There’s a good selection of drinks, they’re licensed and open during the evening. The staff are friendly and welcoming. Mostly just go there to soak up the stylish, relaxed atmosphere.

We’ve arrived..!!

Arrived in Shanghai. Its HOT! It’s hot and dirty, but that’s fine with me. There are trees and beautiful buildings and interesting things to look at. I was expecting this ultra modern city with easy access for pushchairs. This was a misassumption. There are narrow pavements and stairs everywhere. My dream of whizzing in and…