We’ve arrived..!!

Arrived in Shanghai. Its HOT! It’s hot and dirty, but that’s fine with me. There are trees and beautiful buildings and interesting things to look at. I was expecting this ultra modern city with easy access for pushchairs. This was a misassumption. There are narrow pavements and stairs everywhere. My dream of whizzing in and out of air conditioned rooms with sliding glass  doors, one child in the pushchair, the other happily gliding along on the buggy board behind, comes crashing down. When we get into the city I can imagine doing a lot of happy exploring, eating, drinking cocktails and shopping…if it wasn’t for the added complexity of dragging around two small boys. One of whom does not like to be strapped to a pushchair and the other actively refuses to stand on his glider board. We head for West Nanjing Road and go for the cowardly option of a western style cafe chain. This seems safest today, particularly with our desperately home sick fussy 3 year old. The food is great and relatively healthy compared to a lot of the food we’ve been eating on holiday in Bali. This place could definitely become a firm favourite. Although we will of course branch out to some local cuisine as our residency continues.

The other thing I notice is that Shanghai is not cheap.  I’d say its pretty much on a par with a city in the South of England. I’m going to have to learn how to shop like a local rather than an expat. The shop we go to is a lot like John Lewis, lots of homeware and bakeware as well as food and drinks. I try and find shampoo and I can’t see any for under £6 for the most basic ‘mild shampoo’. I definitely need to learn where to shop! We leave shortly after as my youngest’s pushchair protests have reached fever pitch. We head for the metro and more pushchair/escalator/ticket gate battles.

We have a long walk back to the apartment from the metro and we see exciting looking  parks and architecture. Its starting to get dark and giant dome bulbs are lighting up the art deco buildings. I’m feeling very positive about our adventure in Shanghai.

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