The most excited boy ever – Shanghai Natural History Museum

My eldest son is obsessed with dinosaurs. Anyone that has ever met him will know this very well. It began before he could talk, he would yell ‘saur ‘saur whenever he saw a dinosaur toy. For his second birthday we took him to a small dinosaur museum in Dorchester near our home town. He was in raptures. His obsession has grown with him and now at a lofty 3 1/2 he knows more dinosaur names than some palaeontologists. He’s taught his parents and grandparents a large number of prehistoric facts and even his 18 month old brother can say ‘triceratops’ and ‘pterodactyl’ before he can really say much of anything else. He has books, toys and DVDs featuring various dinos and the majority of his clothing has some species of dinosaur emblazoned on the front along with a witty slogan like ‘snooze-a-saurus’. His new school teacher, after 3 days at preschool, said to me as I picked him up, ‘he really likes dinosaurs doesn’t he’. ‘Yes’ I said with a weary tone, ‘he really likes dinosaurs.’ So you can imagine how excited he was at visiting Shanghai’s Natural History Museum…

We had the usual drama trying to find a lift and a service centre to let the pushchair through at the metro stations, making a simple journey ridiculously complicated. Then we arrived. The queuing/ticket purchase system is odd. You have to queue to buy a ticket in lines, get your tickets,  fight your way back out past the queue of people to go into the museum and then through another barrier showing your ticket. I’ve noticed this is quite common in Shanghai. When you’re in, there’s quite a few exciting exhibits, I didn’t get to look for long as you can spot from the entrance; woolly mammoths, sabre toothed tigers and DINOSAURS. That’s when this happened…


I thought his head might actually explode and we’d have 3 1/2 year old boy splattered all over the place.

There were a great number of things to see other than dinosaurs, several levels and rooms with displays of animals from different parts of the world, planets, creatures from the sea, pottery…we spent most of our time trying to get our kid not to climb on the dinosaurs so if it sounds like I don’t know a lot about the exhibits, that’s why! There are gardens outside to wander and West Nanjing road is nearby if you want to go elsewhere for food; having peaked at the museum restaurant menu, I imagine most people probably will.

Again there are issues with accessibility, there are lifts and ramps but not always so easy to find/use/squeeze through and finding a toilet is a mission in itself. In spite of this its a fantastic family trip out and any other budding palaeontologists out there will not be disappointed. James absolutely loved it, I imagine its going to be something of a regular outing for us.

#thingstodowithkidsinshanghai #shanghainaturalhistorymuseum 

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  1. Alan Courtney says:

    Lovely post – not surprised he thought he was in heaven!! Yes I should imagine it will be a regular trip!!


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