I miss the radio – Outing my Father, THE Strictly fan

In case you didn’t know, in China there are lots of things that you can’t get. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, You Tube, Spotify, BBC, iplayer, all the other channel players, etc etc etc. Well there are ways around this, (which you will know if you follow my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) but you have to struggle with very very very slow internet speed and still you come up against block after block. I foolishly bought a Sonos speaker recently based purely on the fact that I’d heard lots of people talking about it, before realising it runs off the wifi (which is really bad and slow) and you have to stream straight to it (through channels that don’t work in China!) A completely unusable piece of equipment!

For the most part this is fine. I don’t really miss the TV. I am a little gutted about missing Bake off and kinda disappointed in missing Strictly as it’s proper count down to Christmas stuff. My parents are obsessed with Strictly, to the point that it is an offence to them if you don’t watch it.


My 5 year old niece (pictured right) is the most recently indoctrinated, much to my brother’s horror. My dad is a man who abhors this sort of TV under normal circumstances and will actually leave the room rather than sit through it. I actually think given the choice between sitting watching The Great British Bake Off in a cosy room, by the fire eating cake and drinking wine with the entire family or sitting in a pit of molten lava, he’d choose the lava every time. But when Strictly rolls around he becomes obsessed and starts saying everything is ‘fab-u-lous’ and ‘gaw-geous’ and shouting ‘SEVEN’ across the dinner table with wanton abandon. An otherwise sensible man, he will grab his phone to vote 20 times for his favourite, sneaking off to vote several more times on the pretense of nipping to the loo. He would not cope without the beeb at this time of year. But I digress, my point is these things are frustrating but not insurmountable. I’ve found ways round the social media and I can even stream music through Apple music (although its no Spotify).

What I really miss is the radio. 📻📻📻 At home I listen to Radio 1, completely age inappropriate in fact I think the director general of Radio 1 would come and personally remove my radio if he found out a person in their mid (a-hem) 30s was listening to their programming, but I truly love it. My mornings in China are so much bleaker without my favourite, Nick Grimshaw. I think he is really funny and so good at interviews (particularly compared to his self indulgent ‘let’s just talk about me’ predecessor)  and I truly believe that given different life choices I could have been cool enough to be a member of his super stylish social circle… Maybe. So when I realised there was a way that I could actually listen to his full breakfast show on the App on my phone I was absolutely overjoyed.

Writing this now it sounds like a massive anticlimax to the story…I just figured out how to use the App…but it has really brought sunshine to my day (along with the new bluetooth speaker my husband had to buy at the airport to replace the Sonos). I put on one of his shows from the previous days at breakfast time and it reminds me of home. It can be confusing when they say the time and I think oh I’ve got ages, before realising its not live or when the news comes on and its from about 4 days a go. Nevertheless I can now cope with life away from England.

I must add I do of course miss my crazy Strictly obsessed parents and the rest of my family and friends! Nick Grimshaw just makes it a little easier.


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