Watching Basketball, Stanford vs Harvard

I’m not the worlds biggest sports fan. I used to be obsessed with football between about 1996 and 2003. If I’m truly honest with myself (and anyone I knew then that’s reading this) this was more to do with my interest in boys and drinking rather than the sport itself. That being said, I’ve always thought I might enjoy watching basketball. This also may be to do with boys and drinking and also the fact that One Tree Hill is my all time favourite TV show. That aside, it seems really fast paced and exciting and glossy and shiny somehow. I don’t know, I just thought I’d like it. So when browsing on website a while back I stumbled across the Havard vs Stanford Pac 12 basketball match being played in Shanghai and I was really keen to go. My husband is a sports fan (and one tree hill fan…shhh) so he was also keen.

We ditched the kids with the newly-arrived-in-Shanghai grandparents (actually just hours off the plane from England, sorry Mum & Dad) and off we went. img_0160The venue was the Mercedes Benz Arena, it was huge and surprisingly quite well organised. As many parents of young kids finding themselves suddenly child free do, we ordered two of the largest beers we’ve ever seen and headed in. img_0189The game was really good, fast paced as I imagined and kept my interest. I have to say the beer definitely helped with my enjoyment. It was a really good day out and nice to be out with Chatts on our own for a bit. We’ve henceforth decided to try lots of new fun things so hopefully this will be the first of many.

Oh Stanford won, for those that are interested. They were all giants, it was amazing!



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