Holiday Snaps, Sanya

*** Holiday Pictures Below ***

We spent last week in Sanya, a city on the island of Hainan off the Southern coast of China. We were well away from the city in a Club Med resort on a beautiful bay. It was wonderful to be away from the chilly temperatures and appalling air quality in Shanghai.  The temperatures were high 20s/low 30s but the sun was incredibly strong, we had to have the children practically covered from head to toe so they didn’t burn through their factor 50.

Club Med resorts are all-inclusive, you have a choice to eat in the main restaurant which is a vast buffet or an a la carte restaurant which we didn’t do as it was a bit posh and the kids… well let’s face it they aren’t! The food was ok, but trying to eat plant-based food or just eat healthy food was hard. It was mostly plain salads, basic fruit and strange over cooked vegetables. The drinks were lovely though and the staff were really charming and helpful.  As it was all-inclusive the drinks were all free, but you had to get them by the glass. You couldn’t get a bottle of wine, which was a real downside for us. Our kids started nodding off around 8.30 latest and we were then restricted to our balcony, which would be absolutely fine with a bottle of wine. Having to go all the way back to the main bar from the room every time you wanted a top up was a bit of a downer. One night we did sweet talk one of the staff into popping a bottle of house red in our room. We managed to persuade the kids to stay up until 9.30 the last couple of wine with the help of a pirate show at the beach bar and a little peppa pig on the iPhone!

The pool was lovely and the beach felt like paradise. The Tsing Tao flowed thanks to Mandeep the friendly bar man. The kids were happy most of the time. All in all a lovely holiday destination, just a 2 1/2 hour flight from Shanghai.


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