Xintiandi Style – The Designers

With AW2017 Shanghai Fashion Week on last week, I felt inspired to take a walk around Xintiandi Style shopping centre to have a look at the current Spring/Summer offerings. The upper floor of Xintiandi Style houses Asian based designers. Generally speaking the clothes are not really my style. they range from shapeless long line, while looking chic on someone with a more straight, narrow frame, on me they look more like a sack. The other end of the scale are pretty, girly dresses styled with large chunky boots. I’ve never quite been able to pull this look off, not for want of trying. Nevertheless, there are some great designers on display, from the cool and quirky to earthy neutrals. Here are my picks of the designers on the top floor of Xintiandi style.

Even Penniless3

Even penniless – Designer Gao Xin uses soft, natural fabrics for deconstructed pieces. Generally in all black or all white outfit designs. This is the long line, shapeless end of the spectrum, but fabulous monochrome marvellousness.


Han Lu Lu2

Han Lu Lu – Lulu Han designs pretty white dresses with girly frills. the website states ‘aims at the perfect match of creativeness and practicability’. I’m not sure how practical it all is, but the designs are ethereal and conjure images of spring days filled with flowers and butterflies.



Uma Wang – Arguably the most well known of the designers, Uma Wang debuted her A/W 2017 collection at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year.  Beautiful, long lines, earthy tones with flashes of gold and natural soft fabrics. In the spring/summer collection currently on display in Xintiandi there are also some rather peculiar looking shoes; flats with open toes in soft materials and some with toes shaped liked ballerina’s point shoes.


Hui by Eran Hui – Back in autumn/winter 2016 they had a black spiked leather jacket I was obsessed with. The spring/summer 2017 has punky rings, logo shirts and comic strip like fabrics. Their shop design graphics are incredible. (picture from autummn/winter 2016)


Light as a Feather – punky, pretty dresses, big thigh high chunky platform welly type boots. So much to see in here, I loved it.



Creazioni – embroidery, bomber jackets, sweatshirts, skull and cross bones, patched rolled up jeans, weird frog and monkey statues. so much awesomeness in here.



Uooyaa – bright colours, rainbows, greens, olives and pinks, embroidery, 1990s style strappy summer dresses, patched jeans. Out of all them this is the store I’d shop in for me, for my particular style.


C. J Yao

C. J Yao – faux fur bombers, grey and orange knits, sequins, embroidery denims with fur cuffs, greens and pinks, sequin quirky retro bags, crochet jackets. There’s some weird stuff going on here, but I quite like it. particularly the orange and grey pairings.

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