Green Lentil & Grain Salad

This is so good, you have the lentils for protein, the quinoa for carbohydrate, the avocado and nuts for good fats and all those lovely, nutritious salad veggies. I may have this every single day…!

1/4 cup Green lentils
2 tablespoons Quinoa
Romaine lettuce
Red pepper
A very small bit of apple for sweetness
Pine nuts
Dressing – mustard, apple cider vinegar, sesame oil, maple syrup, chilli, 5 spice

I’m not sure if this is what you’re supposed to do but I chucked my lentils and quinoa in the pan together with some water and just boiled it for 20 mins and it came out great.

While waiting for it to cook, I chopped up my salad.

When the lentils and quinoa had finished boiling I popped it in the bottom of a bowl. I placed the chopped salad on top, I sliced the avocado and capers and placed them on the salad. Next I crushed up the cashews and sprinkled them on with the pine nuts.

Finally I poured over my dressing. I just threw into a cup a bit of this and a bit of that without measuring. I believe they call it ‘eyeballing’ (shudder, hate that expression). If you want to measure you could probably just do a teaspoon of mustard, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, sesame oil and a little sprinkle of 5 spice and chilli flakes to your taste. Mix it up and drizzle it on. Hey presto!

So so so tasty!

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