Pineapples, Watermelons & Ellen’s Bar on South Shaanxi and West Fuxing

I don’t really drink coffee regularly. It’s not necessarily because of my healthy eating regime, its just it keeps me awake all night so I avoid it. There is one exception, on a Friday afternoon when I go out exploring I find a coffee place and get the biggest iced Americano I can find. That is a strong coffee. I can drink black coffee iced but can’t stand it hot. Who knows why.


I’m quite a weird routiney person so I do this every week. It usually results in me staying up way too late on a Friday night and waking up way too early on a Saturday morning. I don’t mind though, it means I usually get a fun Friday night and I make the most of my Saturday.

So I go and find this big ol’ coffee and wander about. I’ve made a decision to make the most of my time in Shanghai and do some really cool, really Shanghai things on my Friday explorations. Today’s trip was not really a huge stretch into the unknown, I headed down my usual route to my usual coffee place on Huaihai road. I walked down South Shaanxi to the health food shop to grab my weekly coconut yoghurt. So not so out of the ordinary, but this time I decided I’d stop in at the little shops and actually take a look around.

I usually stick to high street shops that I know and recognise. I feel like I’m a lot moreIMG_6358 comfortable in and around the city now so I should start doing more shopping in the
local stores. I stopped by one small shop selling yoga trousers. I tried to ignore the big pants and saggy mum bras on display and picked up a pair of the trousers. I must have looked unsure as the lady came over and started showing me how far they could stretch, in order to fit over my massive belly. Cheers then love. I bought the trousers anyway and was pleased with my interaction with the slightly over-intrusive Chinese lady with no filter.


As well as making the most of what could be my last year in Shanghai by seeing the sights, I also thought I might start up a collection of slogan tshirts with interesting English translations. I’m quite into slogan tshirts at the moment, they go well with
my ever growing collection of high wasted trousers and 90s denim. So why not pick IMG_6391up some quirky, unique ones from Shanghai. People may think I’m weird when I’m back in the UK, but what the hell, it’ll make me smile. I decided this a couple of days before my outing and spotted this wonderful example of lost in translation in the window of a small store that sells cheap tshirts and the like (pictured left). The pineapple print is super cute, but the fact that the shirt defiantly states watermelon in curly font is what sold it to me. The shop keepers were surprised when this laowaiΒ (foreigner) walked in and purposefully picked up this shirt and bought it, not stopping to think about it or browse the merchandise.

I stopped by an apothecary style store with all sorts of jars of nuts and dried fruits and who knows what. I spotted a restaurant that had fresh juice and veggie dishes. I saw a cool new Chinese Theatre and the Shanghai Symphony hall with its wiggly, wavy roof a bit like some sort of small city leisure centre. I saw an Italian looking restaurant named Arialand #PLLΒ with a large glowing bottle of Sauv gleaming out and making me thirsty.

The best thing I spotted was a bar dedicated just to me…well perhaps not, but I do need to try out Ellen’s Bar. Although I’m a little concerned it might be one of those bars that offers special massages into the early hours. Eek.


Next week I’ll venture further afield!

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